Still Falling

This inspiring short takes you on a journey as a young woman tries to save the forest, risking it all for the place she loves the most. Although she struggles, she comes out a legend.


A New Vision for Youth Justice

On any given day 50,000 youth are incarcerated in America’s juvenile justice system.  Seemingly harmless names like “training schools” and “academies” are used to obfuscate an archipelago of youth prison environments sprawled across the US where minors are subjected to restraints, brutal violence, and the use of solitary confinement. A group called the Youth First Initiative is taking aim at these facilities with a simple demand, #NoKidsInPrison

Jim Crow Juvenile Justice

Jim Crow Juvenile Justice draws a narrative line from the ugly history of slavery, through Jim Crow, to the modern incarceration of youth of color. The facilities themselves are old, with several dating back to the time of emancipation. The disparities at these institutions are emblematic of the Jim Crow era by the way they disproportionately incarcerate youth of color—specifically African American youth.


She Was There For Me

 An inspiring story about cancer survivor and activist Jenny Brown and her will to make a difference in the world. Jenny has walked a long and bumpy road to find her true calling, and the result is very unlikely and will surprise just about anyone.