Track and Sign

Whether I am looking at tracks, scat, or signs of wildlife behavior, I am thrilled to be present in the moment walking the same trail as the animal before me did. As a wildlife tracker, I am constantly learning, examining, and trying to improve my skills to better understand the wildlife around me.




Camera Trap

DSLR camera trap images take time and patience, resulting in a raw, intimate, and non-invasive look into the life of wild animals in their natural habitat.

 A raven takes flight and triggers my DSLR camera trap after feeding on the carcass of a black-tailed deer. Washington state.


Known as the last great wilderness, Antarctica is virtually untouched and filled with beautiful wildlife, and unique icebergs. With each visit, I am reminded how important Antarctica is and how badly it needs protecting.

 A lone Adélie penguin sits on an ice flow in the Ross sea, Antarctica.