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Jeff Wirth is a conservation filmmaker, photographer, and wildlife tracker based in the foothills of the cascade range in Washington State. Jeff grew up with a love for the wilderness, animals, and social and environmental justice. Naturally, he found himself volunteering his time and efforts with like-minded organizations working toward a better world. 

Over time and with more experience, Jeff found that visual storytelling was the best way for him to make an impact. Through photography and documentary filmmaking he could pursue his goals as an activist while also satisfying his desire for creative expression. 

Since 2008, Jeff has been traveling the world documenting inspiring stories of the environment and those fighting to protect it. Though Jeff’s focus largely revolves around wildlife conservation issues, his versatility and keen eye for film and storytelling guarantee a product that both he and his clients can be proud of. 

If you have a video in mind or need help telling a story you can contact Jeff here.